Building stupid stuff

Building stupid stuff

A first blog post to reduce (or increase?) the awkwardness


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Hi there, you yet non-existent readers ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

This is actually my 2nd attempt at starting a blog. The last time was over 7 years ago (If you want an intro to Neural Networks, then go ahead and visit my first and last post there).

A few questions I asked myself when writing this first post:

Why start a new blog instead of using the existing one?

I guess that it feels better to start with a clean slate. It's always easier when you have no history (Also, I don't really study or practice ML nowadays, so having my first blog post about Neural Networks feels weird to me, but maybe I'll re-post it here later).

Why write a blog at all?

I've read somewhere that, as developers, we are "life-long learners". Learning all of the time is great, and I feel that sometimes what I learn just piles up in my head and doesn't "process" well enough.

I think that writing about things helps with that. I also figured that if I learn something that I didn't find answers to on our incredible Internet, then someone else might benefit from reading about it as well!

Another reason is to get more opinions about what I write and how I write about it; If I learn or build something, and someone has an opinion about it, then all I can do is learn from that and keep being challenged.

What is this blog even about?

I'm calling the blog "Build Stupid Stuff" since many of the things we all build are probably a bit "stupid", but for me, they all originated from some need and so I'm hopeful that the name will give me the motivation to share it.

So, I'll be writing about anything that I think might be useful, interesting, or that I want an opinion on.

To new beginnings! ๐Ÿพ

new-beginnings.png (Hint: I really like Golang nowadays)